Wednesday, 30 July 2008

I'm still alive...honest.

Sorry for the lack of updates as you can imagine its been a hectic few days, some home comforts are in place now, and the fridge is slowly filling with food and bits. You would be amazed how bland food tastes when you have no salt and pepper. I had to resort to nicking sachets from Ikea (fast becoming my home from home) but have finally found a cruet set and the section of the supermarket where they store spices yielded some salt and pepper..Spag Bol tonight....when I can find some Tomato puree.

I'm loving having a carpet, but other things are proving harder to source. Washing machine is coming tomorrow and the Bed on Friday so hopefully then a good nights sleep will encourage me to work a bit harder on the decorating..I have been doing it, but not at anything like the pace I had intended.

The bike now has a proper bike chain and saddle bags...will add pictures later, and is without a
doubt the single best purchase of the week so far. I can travel all over with ease and carry a full load of shopping back and forward..Sadly I couldn't quite figure out how to put the bed on it to cycle back the 7km so had to have it delivered...somehow I think that was for the washing machine.

Lights and blinds are up, as indeed are some nice snazzy black nets for the patio, there will be curtains on there too at a later day.

One thing that's becomning apparent though is how costly setting up a new home is....funds are diminishing rapidly so am now having to make extra checks before I go on a shopping trip...The sofa and TV may have to wait.....However speaking of TV I've bought a USB TV stick for the laptop which works a treat and as well as several dutch channels shoinw subtitled UK/US programs I get BBC1 and BBC2...hmm and to think I set my sky plus at home to record almost all BBC programs...ah well.

Phone and internet are on order, but won't be online for 3-4 weeks, a fair amount of time, but I guess thats just how it is here..the process of signing up was easy enough though, but the guy in the shop put my date of birth down as 1st Jan 2008 (the date on my renewed ID. So I got an email through from the phone company...hopefully I answered it ok, as it was all in Dutch....which as you can imagine I'm not exactly fluent in yet.


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