Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Inspiration comes from all kinds of places

ok ok so the advert itself is slick, and designed to sell, but I found the sentiment behind this, utterly compelling and exactly how I've come to view life and how we harm, injure or enrich those around us and how they do the same to us. Life is connected in so many ways and we don't need to look for supernatural explanations to things just look at what has made us who we are.

Its very life affirming especially to us atheists who see the world in very human terms.

A few of my god bothering friends occasionally ask me how I can not have god in my life...this answers that question so much better than I've ever been able to.

Your view may be different of course, and I don't want to put this forward as any kind of anti-god debate fodder, it clearly was not intended as that, it just give me some validation for how I feel about life without god in it.

I'm not actually anti god, the idea of a big invisible man in the sky who tells people to kill everyone who does not worship him, and who'll send those that manage to get through life avoiding being killed by those who do worship, to a big bonfire for all eternity....but he loves you! Is a great idea. (Apologies to George Carlin for the paraphrasing)

I'm just personally not a believer, I have no issue with those that are...but next time you want to want to know what makes an atheist or a humanist this and think about it.

Such a shame such a beautiful concept is used to sell phones, but it is worth sharing


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