Sunday, 23 November 2008

1st Snow's of Winter

Well not quite, actually the 2nd, it was snowing a little yesterday but stopped after an hour or so and I didn't have my phone on me to take a pic. Today though its still falling and may well stay around according to the forcast. Going to be interesting if this keeps up to be cycling to work in the mornings. Lucky I bought some gloves and a scarf to keep warm.

And with that in mind it might be the wrong time to be looking at things like this

yup...that is a genuine US built Mk1 Honda VT1100c Shadow....a MK1?? omg I am in heaven. These bikes were built in the US 25 years or so ago as Harley beaters and proved very popular with so called California weekenders. They were never available in Europe (until later marks became popular) so they were occasionally imported as used machines, usually in excellent condition due to the California weather and the fact they were not really ridden that much.
The Mk1 eventually gave way to the stunning Mk2, with a slightly bigger engine, more chrome and a longer lower look. Which I first saw on the cover of a UK bike Mag, 10-15 years ago, I can't remember which, or exactly when, but I've wanted one of them ever since. A test drive on one totally sold me, but I just didn't have the funds at the time to indulge. This to me is my ultimate bike, especially as I'm getting a bit to fat to sit astride most modern sports bikes..I'm at that, "that looks comfy" stage in my biking life.

They are simply beautiful bikes, no where near as expensive as the Harleys they superficially resemble and also far more reliable. The Mk3's and 4's are also great machines but for me personally not quite as appealing as the 1's and 2.s

They are fairly rare in the UK, where cruisers are not as popular, but you can still find them, with good examples selling for £3-4K

Hollands obsession with Harleys means that big cruisers like this are far more common than they are in the UK, and being sensible people they also imported a fair number of Shadows so there's plenty around, and the relatively high numbers mean prices are competitive. Both these bikes pictured are for sale here for under €3000. Both are sub 30K mileage examples with regular servicing and covered storage meaning they are pretty much as good as they day they were made. They costs are low becuase they're not Hogs...but I'm not going to let a bit of brand snobbery stop me from enjoying a fantastic piece of bike building.

ohhhhh I am soooo tempted. I would love to cruise down to Calais on a big beast like these get on the chunnel then cruise up to Bradford at the weekend. Not sure its the most economic of the possible methods I'm looking into but it would certainly be the most enjoyable way to go home at weekends.

But...the snow....the snow...what to do...what to do.


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