Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Insomnia, Indigestion and ISomething

I wish there was another "I" word I could say that afflicts me, iterative triples always add to the dramatic effect.

Anyway, last couple of nights I've had terrible trouble getting to sleep at night, despite being very tired. I think it has something to do with a new streetlight just outside my bedroom window.
Though I have blinds up in my bedroom, they don't totally stop the light flooding in. A trip to Ikea is clearly needed to get some heavy curtains so I can go back to my blacked out room..

I'm not what you can call a morning person, I'm usually up and awake till 2-3am most nights, no matter how early I get up. But that lack of sleep does build up and I like to have 12hour or more coma's at the weekend to make up for my weekly shortfalls.

This as you can imagine causes no end of issues when you live with someone who likes to be in bed at 10pm and wants to cuddle her man (eh B?) and goes shopping at the weekend. But since I'm here on my own, I've fallen back into that short weekday sleep, long weekend sleep pattern.

All good, until you get a bout of insomnia and its 4 or 5am before you get to sleep, and have get up at 8 to go to work..I may be able to get by ok on 5 or 6 hours but not 4 or less.

So the upshot of this somewhat meandering post, is that I was shattered when I got home from work today (had a great day though), and after a brief meeting with Steve to sort out some work related tasks I decided to instigate an almost unknown event.

I went to bed early around 9pm

I even got to sleep, dropped straight off.

Then got woken by the phone at 10.

Its not Bina's fault of course she didn't know I'd gone to bed, sorry hun I should have texted or something.
After not quite getting to the phone the 1st time it rang, it rang again a minute later, and I mumbled something about being in bed and hung up.

Of course...I was now awake....nothing worse than being woken when you're not quite in that deep sleep mode is there? So for the next hour or so I'm semi asleep, semi awake and unable to settle.

Sleep eventually came..for a few hours, when the 2nd of my constant lifetime afflictions reared its head. Indigestion!

Arrghhh. its now 2-43am, I've taken some Zantac to control my almost constant reflux (the main cause my my indigestion, along with an uncontrolled love of hot spicy good) and am waiting for it to take effect.

So while I'm doing that...I'll put this...probably my most boring post ever, up on the blog.

I'm tired though, so time to head back to bed and hopefully get a nice solid 5 hours ready for tomorrow's fun and games. :D


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