Monday, 3 November 2008

who's that tired old bastard?

My passport has run out so I had to go get some pics taken for the renewal application which apparently I have to send to Paris??

Anyway the photo machine was clearly faulty, I think it gave me someone else's pics, though they were in fact wearing my clothes? But who on earth was that sad tired old git who's head was clearly superimposed on my Adonis like torso. I mean it can't be just can't be!

For the geeks among you I'm typing this entry on my Mac Mini, using a new mac keyboard..the thin one with the button type keys....its actually quite nice, though take a wee bit of getting used to. Sadly however I seem to have a small issue with my mighty mouse, its sticking a bit if not clicked regularly...I'm wondering if something has got stuck inside it, but there's no way to take it apart to clean..might have to get another.



Colin McNulty said...

So go on then, post the picture. ;-)

Boring old Fart said...

God no....I don't want people thinking that miserable old fart is me...