Thursday, 20 November 2008

Christmas flights booked

Jet2 have started up a loyalty card scheme where you get a point per pound spent! Once you have 600 points you get free flights to lots of destinations. Of course Jet2 being Jet2, don't actually mention that the "free" flights means just the basic font page cost, you still have to pay all the taxes and baggage charges these annoying people charge which usually is the actaul cost of the while at 1st I thought, "what a good idea", after sleeping on it, they've really offered me nothing. But its still the easiest way to get home to see the family and take care of things in the UK so I'll grin and bear it for now.

Which reminds me...When I was booking my 1.99 flight, which then became 41.99 then 54.99 etc as each successive page added taxes, fuel charges, handling charges , luggage charges etc....Didn't the UK government make some kind of promise a while back to stop this silly practice of offering 99p flights which were in fact 70quid or more once the various addons that were compulsory were added? What exactly is the problem with giving the final price on the front page? (AND why does it cost 5euros or thereabouts to handle a debit card transaction...which I understand is actually free?)

Anyway..I now have my flights home and back booked for Christmas break. Am hopfuly also going to fit in a nice weekend before the break if I can get my passport back in time.

EDIT...I have figured out the benefit, though there is no sense whatsoever in using up your carefully saved 600points on a flight where the cost is 1.99 it does mean that can make use of the points to book short notice flights which tend to be charged at considerably higher rates. So I suppose in that sense its worth it. After a few flights home I can at least get to a position where if needed I can take a short notice trick home for 50quid or so, being the cost of the taxes etc....I still think its a rip off though when they don't just give you that actual cost of travel on the site.

As an aside, here's a warning for the coding geeks out there. While booking my flight I used my windows clock/calander to work out what dates I was free, and accidently set my PC's date to the 18th of December. Not realising I'd done this I proceeded to use my PC for a while and even install a copy of Maya for the project I'm doing as well as to help with college work. It didn't install since they gave me the wrong license file, but thats not the real story.
This morning when I tried to use Code Warrior (or cod worrier if you prefer) it refused to compile since the system clock had been changed...oops...ok I'll reset it..nope still refused.
Hmm uninstall Maya...nope.
Ok re-install CW, nope.
After hunting around in the Nintendo forums, it turns out I have to reset any file which has a forward time to current time....a quick search revealed......hundreds of them, mainly system files and temp files, but enough to get Codewarriors license handler to have a hissy fit.

Dammit...its not impossible to fix, there's a program called rTouch that can sort it for me, but I have to locate, and "touch" each advance file before I can get my mai PC up and running as a Nitro dev system again.

doh!..the dangers of setting your time wrong are worse than you think sometimes



Nitpicker said...

Isn't there some rule that they're not allowed to charge a surcharge if you pay with a Visa Electron card? I think saw something in the paper about it. Do they take Electron?
Dunno if it's worth getting a new debit card just to save €5 per flight, but it might be...

Boring old Fart said...

no idea if I'm honest, I just resent them charging for a debit card transaction which does not cost them.
A credit card transaction does cost them a little but they charge €17(I think) for that which seems a little on the steep side.

The whole practice of offering 99p flights then adding, airport taxes, fuel charges, seating charges, baggage charges, insurance charges, then payment charges is just absurd and misinforms the buyer who never really knows what he's paid till the final page.