Monday, 3 November 2008

last of the toys

I had to leave all but one of my guitars over in the Uk ( I have too many really but I can't resist a nice looking/sounding guitar) so decided to buy a couple from ebay to give me something to tinker with over here. I brought my Roberts Skeleton over a while back but wanted to get my hands on an electric to wake the neighbours up ;)

I must say, I am very pleased with my purchases, which arrived today, I got a 12 string electro acoustic and a telecaster copy with an amp. And despite paying less than 100 for both, they are really rather good.

Both sound fantastic, much better than their price would suggest, though the 12 string is a little hard to pick due to string spacing, it sounds lovely when playing big ringing chords.

Here's a pic, of my incredibly cheap guitars. Total cost for all three is less than £100. The Roberts is actually the most expensive one, but for various reasons I got it for free so it really is a cheap set of guitars. I have paid a few pennies for the pedals though, especially the digiman loop pedal which really is a good tool to let you play your own backing tracks. I just need a chorus pedal to complete my set up and I'll be a happy bunny.


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