Friday, 14 November 2008

Joy, Bliss and more Joy

I have an Ipod Touch
I suffer no more
I am in a state of bliss

I also have a bugger of a hangover, having been out on the town last night till 2am and having one or 2 small beverages in a local drinking establishment (now thankfully smoke free again).During which much philosophical bullsh.... discussion was had on a range of topics based on our personal goals and desires.

And there was also some drinking. Actually..there was more than some drinking.

Which is why my head is banging today...But I have an Ipod Touch so I don't care :)

Oh an amazing thing also happed which is why I love this place so much. While indulging in a few drinks, the bars here allow you to run a tab till you are ready to go. So having decided around 2am to call it a night I went to the bar to pay my tab using my bank card only to discover that they didn't take plastic.
Of course in the UK, not having the cash to pay for your booze would have resulted in 2 large chaps by the door being signaled over to demonstrate the error of your ways, probably in a back alley or something.
But here....the barmaid just told me where the nearest cash machine was (10 mins away) and was not in the slightest bit bothered that I might have done a runner.

It's a small thing I suppose, but just how incredibly cool and laid back is that? I love this place, it rekindles your faith in human nature and leaves you at ease with the world.


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