Thursday, 6 November 2008

Remember remember the ...something

Hah, they don't do bonfire night here, how strange.

No overpriced unsafe fireworks, no bangers thrown in letterboxes, no unofficial bonfires too close to houses that catch fire, no fire brigade on standby, no reports of kids maimed and scarred for life by mishandling kindling or being hurt at badly organized public events. No pets terrorized for hours at a time by constant loud bangs. No rancid smell of black powder hanging in the air. No hibernating hedgehogs or tortoises roasted. No exploding bonfires because of hidden aerosol cans. No gangs roaming the streets stealing flammable materials. No blackmailers in training, asking for pennies (really meaning pounds) for the guy. No filthy dark toffee and parkin that's actually inedible but you have to eat to keep the makers happy.

Nothing...just a nice peaceful quiet evening. These Dutch people don't know what their missing.



Colin McNulty said...

But have you seen the 2nd verse: Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Boring old Fart said...

Actually, I've never heard the full thing, thanks for the info....Still a daft idea though burning up lots of stuff and letting off fireworks. I read about an old lady sat in a pub having a quiet drink, when some moron let of a firework and threw it into the pub causing sever burns to her legs.

It's just a daft made up holiday really and quite comforting not to have to listen to it here.