Friday, 21 November 2008

hmmm thats going to hurt later

geek post......I thought I better warn you so you can skip past and wait for the next humorous installment of my life at a later date.

The clock forward issue was annoying much more severe than I expected. I use Code Warrior for all my Nintendo DS coding (hate the thing so much but theres not a lot of choice) so having it refuse to work due to a license infringement (its a free license the hell can you infringe it???) caused by a relativity simple and harmless error is a big deal and affects my day to day working.

Why a big deal, well the only official way to resolve the "system clock has been set back" infringement to reinstall your OS. ie a complete system re-install.

Not really an option, especially at the moment as I don't have a backup system here (its still in the UK) so a bit of snooping around as I said before resulted in finding rTouch which will set the modification dates to current time.
Problem is I seemed to also have a lot of creation date (set forward) files, not all of which were easy to delete.
Anyway to cut a rather long story short, as I have work to get on with. After deleting all the new created files (pretty much all due to my installing Maya when I had the clock a month ahead) I recursively touched every file on the C: Drive. Took hours, and when it was done I had some strange behavior from the PC, fonts missing and so on, but a simple re-start cured that. phew.

And now CW is working...yeah

But every file on my C:drive has the same modification date.......hmmmm you just know thats going to be bad later. We may find out how bad in a tearful posting next month. I really need to get get my backup systems sorted out, I rarely have to use them, like most people. but you just know that when something goes wrong, it happens when you don't have a backup.

Anyway...time to boot up CW and get on with some work.


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