Sunday, 16 November 2008

Faster Nudity

Geek post alert!!! you have been warned.

I have a 20MB Internet connection, but unless I use the wire directly into the supplied Tele2 router the best I can normally get from my 802.11/G 54Mbs wireless dongle on my PC(rubbish Belkin btw) its around 6MB @ 45-54Mbs connection. Like most things to do with broadband, your stated rate is seldom your ACTUAL RATE.

MB stands for Mega Bytes, (a byte is 8 bits) and is different from Mbs (Mega bits) ...though they should really be analogous they are not quite . A router can pass several Mbs but the fact is error checking and dropped bits will eat up a lot of that speed so in fact the MB (actual mega bytes of data that get to your PC) are always less than the stated Mbs rate. So basically, 54Megabit /8 to get Mega Bytes should be 6.75Mega bytes per second but you're not going to get exactly that much

Anyway around 6MB is pretty good, but with the wire (which downloads at a much faster rate) I can get 18MB (...much better by a multiple of 3...I want my multiple of 3.

Confused yet? I am, bottom line is that the bigger the number the faster the nudity downloads to your PC (to quote comic book guy)

So while browsing around Media Mart looking for a docking station for my new Ipod (more on this later...when I've stopped drooling over it) I cam across a bargain. A Sitecom 300N 802.11/n router with a potential 300Mbs rate. And a wireless dongle to drive it.

All this for under €70 so I had to buy it.

Set up was painless, I plugged the wire from the Tele2 router, into the Sitecom so that it could get the raw 20Mb speed supplied to it, I still have my 54Mbs network for my mac and laptops, but now I have a new 300Mbs network for any PC's with suitable receivers (the dongle)

I removed the rubbish Belkin which I've been cursing for months due to its reluctance to connect every morning, pressed a few sign on buttons and voila..I have a connection rate of 150Mbs and a download rate according to of 13Mbs.

Simplest connection to a new router I've ever had.

Much much better.
Though....I can't help wondering why do I not have 300Mbs connection rate hmmmm.


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