Saturday, 29 November 2008

Poker weekend

I mentioned my poker friends before I think though not by name, Peter and Liz are the hosts, Peter a big loud very funny Dutchman, who loves to play poker and Liz his very funny wife, who is American. And being American and this being November, she held a slightly late thanksgiving dinner last night and invited half of Breda, including me, to the meal which was really nice and I have to thank her for the invite, which led to meeting a lot of fun new people.

Oh and a belated happy thanksgiving to any Americans reading I raised several glasses to the colonies on Thursday night when I was out on the town with Dino and Steve (also american).

As an aside to this, it seems that Turkey is not at all a common food here and the 2 turkeys that were served cost over €140....bloody hell.

But of course Poker was the dessert of the evening and the usual crew of, Peter, Liz, Berry, Dennis, Ronald and myself stayed on after the party to play a €50 game. which was easily one of the best games we've played so far, with the stack leads going all over the place as no one was really able to dominate and there were an incredible number of split pots, with me getting 2 in a row. Probability is a funny thing.

Anyway eventually Liz and Ronald were knocked out and by 3.30am the 4 remaining players were starting to wane a little, on roughly even stacks for the other three, but me running short stack for a quite while after an unexplainable rush of blood had me betting big against Berry and losing heavy. So things started to get a little reckless. But I managed to pull a big bet out of Dennis who didn't see an Ace flush coming and by the time we called it a night I was 3rd and finished on a profit of €38. Always good to walk away from a game with profit in your trousers.

Hopefully also I'll have tarnished that shark image a little as Peter and Berry took the bulk of the cash this time so I won't be quite the bogey man next game.

Strangely enough I'm off to play poker again tonight, this time at the Holland Casino, with Dino, who is something of a shark himself, though we've not played yet. It'll be interesting. He'd said he'd not played for some time when we were out so had to get him back in the saddle.

I haven't played in a casino for an age, and don't for a second expect to come out of that with a profit, but its only a €50 buy in so last nights game will basically subsidise tonight's, should be a fun night.


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