Monday, 28 December 2009

Another sad hobby

Don't want this blog dominated by certain matters. so time to wheel out another sad confession, I'm a scale modeller..yes yes I know who Airfix, Revell,Academy and all the others are.

I have a massive interest in aviation from 1935-1950 which was a time of massive technological advancement and also just pure artistry in aircraft design. That interest easily led into collecting information and of course models of aircraft from that period. Dominated by WWII which saw a move from the last of the biplanes to the 1st of the jets with masses of weird and wonderful designs in between. They lose their appeal after the 50's when the sciences of aerodynamics and jet propulsion started to dominated the development of aircraft rather than the 'if it looks right it is right" approach so often seen before hand.

But though I did have a bit of a dabble early in the year when I bought some kits and paint materials from a local model shop, I've not really had time to indulge myself in my hobby. I like to take time to research my subjects and make a proper attempt at a full representation which eats time. I used to have a pretty massive collection of books/photo's and research material as well as a massive stash of unbuilt kits. I still have the stash (down in the cellar) but the reference materials have long since gone...Lucky there are many other geeks like me on the internet so all the resources I need are easy to find.

But this Christmas holiday, with a bit of encouragement from my colleague Martin at NHTV who is also a closet modeller, I got out my glue and files and made a start on a simple kit and have been having a great time. I don't really have all the tools and bits I used to have when I last took this up in anger, but no matter, I need to get some practice in, so throwing something together works wonders.

Oh but age has taken its toll...I found at one point I really could not see what I was doing and had to resort to borrowing Bina's reading glasses...they worked, but now the image of me slumped over the table with reading glasses on the end of my nose is one thats going to be hard to shake.

Anyway its better than sitting on a computer all day, and I still do my hour or so's guitar practice, a very relaxing way to spend a few hours so I'm making more effort to fill my spare time with fun things.

I'm building an Italieri model of a Junkers 87, not a bad little kit at all, though lacking in detail it went together well with no real problems and I didn't have to sand it to death like I often do, I've whipped out the new airbrush bought in my earlier dabble and have made a start on its basic colourings, time to get decals and weathering done and see how it works out.

some pics..this is the base colours only

and now some detail colour added, the belly demarcation cleaned up and the canopy masking removed, not happy with the demarcation line on the tail hoop so that will need a bit of work once the white is dry.

Next step is a gloss coat, decals, then a bit of weathering followed by a wash to pick out panels lines. But since I don't have any gloss clear coat in my paint box that will have to wait till tomorrow


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