Sunday, 20 December 2009

Wrong kind of snow?

Well actually more a case of just too damn much of the white stuff.

Like most of Europe, Holland has been hit with severe snow falls, and this as badly disrupted the trains.

Normally not a problem for chez Beuken and occupants who only use trains for school trips, but since Jodie was supposed to be on a flight at 8-40pm to the UK (along with her father who had to fly to Schipol to collect her due to him booking her on a no "under 16" airline).

We tried to get to the airport, Bina was prepared to take a blind punt on heading to Rotterdam where the trains were going, but the railway staff advised her that after that there was nothing heading North.

Never the less, she bought tickets and we stood on the platform to start a journey to ......wherever it was it was stopped by a phone call, Jodies dad called with news that his flight to Amsterdam was cancelled.So even if by some miracle we could get her to Schipol, the lack of suitable adult to accompany her back to the UK meant the trip was off. She was gutted. In that way that kids think everything can be fixed but actually can't be, gutted.

So we trekked back home dragging a somewhat suspect over limit suitcase through the snow back to the apart to await the inevitable fallout.
Fortunately it wasn't too bad, though the killer came when Bina got an email from dad asking for us to contribute to Jodies fare as he'd had to spend so much in fares already. Hmmm maybe checking she can travel unaccompanied next time might save you a few bob, and also allowing for the possibility of a cancellation. Damn cheek...never pays a penny towards her upkeep or education but expects us to fork out when he hits a snag on Jodies travel!!!



jodie_champion said...

its the Jodie...featured in so many of these, nice to know that random people can know pretty much everything bout my private life :/

Boring old Fart said...

well its my blog and it's about how I feel about things, you can take offense about some things or you can understand that actions affect people in ways you don't always realize.

And it don't say much about your private life, just how it affects me.