Saturday, 12 December 2009

Mine...all mine....

Ok so here they are, all my guitars (apart from the bass which I never use much)
I've finished my reworking of my guitar collection, and this is what I have now,

From the Back L-R 2008 Breedlove AC250/SM12, 2005 Fender Strat Custom Delux, 98 Gibson 355 Lucille, '87 Gibson Les Paul Studio, 2007/8 Breedlove AC25/SR+
Middle flat, Roberts Skeleton
2008 Granada Classic, 2006?? Rodriguez Model B


Nice eh!!! Guitar porn on a budget is possible after all.

I play them through a Marshall Valvestate 50 amp or a Cheetah 30W pracice amp, usually clean via a suitable Zoom multi Pedal (one for acoustic and one for electric)

I posted this pic on a couple of sites I frequent and drew lots of admiring comments :D (and a funny about how homo erotic it is that people are posting about the quality of wood they hold in their hands??)

ok the Les Paul is a recent extra addition and I said Lucille was my last, but honest that really is the last one. Lucille is a very special guitar and I don't intend to take her out and about much, home use only, so wanted something with humbuckers to take out to my jam sessions/whatever and it was a good price for a near vintage Studio so that completes the line up.

The Granada is for sale and most likely so is the is just such a fun guitar to practice on quietly at night?


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