Wednesday, 16 December 2009

happy birthday to me

yeaaaaahhhhhhh 46yo today.

Its my birthday (Dutch time not UK)....and I feel great...pissed, and slightly incontinent, with a few twinges here and there, but great.

I live in a lovely apartment, in a fantastic country, with a wonderful woman, a greatly improving daughter, with another lovely (but somewhat quiet..hint hint) independent daughter in the UK. A miserable auld bag of a mum who keeps out of my way and I love to bits, along with 2 great brothers who also keep out of my way and let me get on with my life without sily family squabbles over ....nothing. Fan bloody tastic.

I have a great job, with great colleagues, fantastic students, and a growing group of friends.

I can't express how fucking fantastic my life is.

roll on the next 46 years.

time for cake.


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