Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Unaccustomed as I am...

To wearing a suit in front of 3 or 4 hundred students, parents, faculty and university management...I had to give a short speech last night as part of our student foundation awards ceremony. Wow that was nerve wracking.

I was aware that I had to give a speech but thinking it was going to just be a hello, thanks for coming, here are the guys type of thing, I never wrote anything down. So when Rob from work got up to give the 1st speech and proceeded to have the whole crowd in stitches with his long and slightly mad but very funny speech comparing IGAD survival to getting through WWI, I realized I was in deep shit.

I got up, improved a bit about how I'd started at the same time as the guys on stage with me and this was as much an event for me as it was for them, so if no one minded I wanted to take note of it...and then tried to take a picture of the crowd with my camera phone....this got a few giggles I'm happy to say, but my damn stupid samsung camera phone refused to take the pick so while the gag worked well I didn't in fact get the photo I wanted to post here. That would have been awesome.

Never mind, there were a few photographers taking pics of me for the event so I'll try to post a few when they go up.

I cocked up the presentation a bit too, I didn't realize the certificates were all named specifically, and the lads had come on stage out of order so I gave the 1st 2 to the wrong people....more laughs..this time for my idiocy ;) But I got my revenge; The school also gave every student a small (and a bit tacky) snow globe as a reminder of the event...I gave all my lads a pink one...bwahahaha

ahh... some links to pics

no....there is no news on the Lucille front.


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