Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Brrrr part 3

-7 last night...not the best time to decide to shave off my beard...but I did anyway.

That is impressively cold, thankfully our apartment is very well insulated so the heat we generate from our gadgets and body heat is keeping the place livable, that and a small fan heater is keeping the room temp at a reasonable 20deg.

Got a bit of flash programming to do this morning before I head to work, I teach a programming course for artists, its all quite simple stuff, a 7 week taster to get a feel for programming and Flash allows them to get stuff up and running pretty quick.

Not my favorite language I have to say but I guess I will have to improve my understanding of it. Last year I knew nothing of it and was learning with my students, which was on occasion quite embarrassing as my lack of knowledge was frequently exposed. This year though I have done a bit more research and found some excellent basic "shootorials" at which provide a good base level to build on by getting the basic understanding of putting something on screen understood so I can then add some proper coding concepts to that. Last year, despite a few teething issues my artistically inclined students managed to produce some really nice things so I'm hoping this year with some better teaching from me we'll see something better.


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