Thursday, 10 December 2009

She's here....


OMG...she's in perfect condition, aside from needing new strings and a bit of a polish. She even has the plastic still on her electrics cover at the back and on the varitone cover..(took that off though). Not a dent on her, a few plectrum scratches and the expected tarnishing to the gold...but just perfect condition...Clearly owned previously by a light home user who's kept her tucked away in her excellent condition original case.
Can't believe my luck in getting such a good condition '98 Lucille for that price. Customs did sting me for 295 quid idea how they got that figure, but I guess it could have been worse.

I tuned her up with the crappy strings and perfect perfect perfect. Not a buzz or a rattle to be heard, low action and the smoothest neck ever. I will polish up the gold and get new strings on her this weekend.

ok course we need pics

whats in the case, whats in the case

ohhh original Gibbo shroud!!!

I just made a mess in my pants

and in her full glory...damn my samsung camera..I'll get better pics soon

ah this is better


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