Tuesday, 29 December 2009

more modelling "fun"?

My damn samsung camera is still not doing the biz..5Mpixels but I've yet to ever get a decent pic

Anyway, before I add the decals, I did a bit of metal work..to simulate a plane that had been through the mill a bit in a desert environment. The paint used to strip off every time they took off and landed with the big prop essentially sandblasting the airframe every time. Again this is overdone (though not that clear on the pic) and the addition of decals which will also be distressed along with a suitable wash to pick out detail should calm the shininess down.. Probably tomorrow now as I managed to pick up some gloss clear coat at the model shop, but I don't have my decal setting solutions which are on teh way from the Aviation Megastore (great place in Holland for model bits)


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