Thursday, 28 June 2012

88.6 last push??

Weigth loss has slowed quite a bit now as my body is getting used the the restricted diet I suspect...But its still dropping so all is well, I'll have to up the amount of walking and cycling and start doing some of the dreaded pushups and crunches now to tone up the flabby bits and break a bit more of a sweat.

I had to buy some pushup bars since it seems my wrists have bumps in them and were painfull when I tried to do my inital extreme workout of 3 pushups....I'll aim for 5 ;) but next time am at Docs I'll ask about the bumpy bits on my wrist, I think its jsut Ganglion masses, like I have on the base of my middle finger left hand...nothing to worry about but worth checking in case its arthritis or worse starting to kick in.

ahhh that would be my typical luck, just as I'm getting good enough on guitar to be musical I'll end up being unable to play for medical reasons!!!

I'm hoping today will see the end of the marking hill so I can enjoy a day off marking before my trip....we'll have to see. Time for a coffee to kick start me and get on with it...definitly no guitarring today, though I've enjoyed the 2 Eurythmics numbers so much and found them so quick and easy to do that I have decided the next is also going to be one of theres...though it will be more of a singing challenge...gulp.


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