Sunday, 10 June 2012

Oh....balls, it's diet time

Don't panic mum!!

I've been having a bit of an issue with minor chest pains...but its not my heart, went to the docs and its its usual low steady calm self.

But my long standing and probably chronic reflux issues are getting out of control. Not helped I'm sorry to say by stress in recent weeks, but more to do with the weight I am now.

I don't mind being heavy, in fact quite like it after spending the 1st 3/4 of my life as a skeletal freak, but I don't like the constant popping daily of Ranatatine and now the chest pains. time has arrived.

I've got to lose 10kgs quickly then see if that helps, and ideally lose another 10 over a reasonable time

Since I abhor excersise and even more so Gyms, (its the whole banging music shit I detest) I'm going to have to resort to diet and a bit more cycling and more snacks, and cut down on the meals, numbers and sizes.

I'm on the flavoured chicken/fish and rice diet now...One meal a day, modest portion, jsut chicker or fish, but flavoured anyway I want.

start weight was 93.1kg
today after 4 days 90.6kg

though thats with clothes on so not entierly accurate.

1st target is 80kg, might as well head for a round number, then we'll see if the reflux improves before I decide if I want to lose more or no.

I'll post updates here so I can see progress.


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