Thursday, 7 June 2012

Fath in all its forms

Facebook is a fun thing for getting in touch with old friends, but sometimes those old friends are not how you remember them..

A few have recently been added to my list and wow...they've changed. And guess what...God rears his head again.

Yup they add me to facebook, have a quick troll around my pages spot an anti god comment and boom! I'm getting messages banging on about how I should not post things like that and how I am wrong and that God still loves me blah!!! She's got a funny way of showing it, to paraphrase an old gag.

Why...I mean really, why do god botheres feel the need, to push on about how wrong I am?

I don't post much in the way of anti god stuff, a few choice quotes from Dawkins and other notibles that highlight the hypocracy and idoicy of irrational faith but not really my thing to post things like;


Its not really my thing...even though for the most part I agree with the statement.

No, I make it clear to anyone who wants to find out or ask me that I am an athiest and thats the full total extent of my "agenda". I'm not converting anyone I'm not standing on street corners, I'm not even getting involved in discussions with Father O'Flanagan about it...its my view, its personal I hold it to be true based on facts, and rational logical thought processes. When you of fath, apply the same processes to your thinking...we'll be capable of a debate.

But here's a funny thing that god botheres do..they have to attack anyone who does not hold their viewpoint and challenge them to recant.


I don't go hunting all my friends pages to see if they've posted anything in support of god then write massive long messages telling them how wrong there are...which of course I could...I generally honestly avoid arguments or debates about religion, since I am fully aware that such debates are utterly pointless, if faith could be overcome by debate we'd all be living in a Utopian scientific society now...

Faith is what it is, I don't really care if you believe in god, I don't really care if you believe in flying spaghetti monsters I won't really get upset or excited about your faith, it its not part of my life.

If you want to abandon rational , reason, logic and responsibility to ignore the realites of how the world/universe works thats fine...

But don't go on about how wrong I am, until you can actually give me proof that you're right...

I think the reason for the attacks is simple, faith cannot tolorate dissent, it must therefore be attacked, and silenced so that faith is no longer questioned.  But if faith cannot tolorate a dissenting view it surely has a problem, no matter what the faith is in, if you find yourself irrationally attacking someone with overwhelming force, even to the extreme of damaging yourself, so that you can silence or remove someone who holds an opposing viewpoint there's something very wrong!

Faith in all its forms, is irrational and idiotic.

Lets stop being idiots?


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