Friday, 1 June 2012

Creeping over the line

I must admit its been a hard academic year, teaching non programming IGD students to program has proved to be a very hard task.
They are finally starting to get it, but the progress I usually hope to achieve is just not there. So many of them simply don't enjoy it and its hard to stay motivated when you know so many just want the class to be over so they can forget about it for a week...Which of course makes the problem worse, since all languages even coding need practice and repetition to allow for that wonderful "click" moment to occur.

This final block they have a task that I think is fun and interesting and they are starting to see some of the joy of programming as things begin to make sense but I must confess the usual end of year euphoria of a job well done is not there this year.

I am really just hoping to limp to the holidays, take stock of things, recharge and come at it again with a better work plan next year. Something simpler for the IGD students which they can enthuse about much earlier and hopefully start to feel some of the joy I get from coding.

There's still 2 weeks of teaching though, who knows perhaps the partical assignment they are doing will get more of them interested...I hope so, they don't know what they are missing.


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