Saturday, 30 June 2012

Transmission resumed maybe

Am on the train to Paris using a diabolically bad Internet service on the train....they have a nerve calling this access...can only get it on my iPad and then with effort. The day has not started well, with my newly purchased mega case containing all my gear and clothes for the week literally disintegrate on the half mile walk to the station...not helped by the need to climb multiple stairs at the station which is undergoing a major revamp. The case has got me on the train but with the wheels literally coming off I will have to try and find a luggage shop in Paris nord since I doubt this piece of crap will survive the trip across town on the metro. On the pluses side, lugging around the weight of a small dead adult up and down stairs is shedding pounds, in sweat if nothing else.. Might as ll relax and enjoy the trip, while I can only get more and more comedic. Ahthankyew

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