Sunday, 10 June 2012

Wow, what a Bargain!!

Even though my GAS is now pretty much under control, and forsight  of upcoming seperation expenses means it will be for a while, I can't resist checking out the odd sale at some of the guitar stores in the area and on line.

But I've noticed something, these sales are nearly always total shams, claims for items like Gibson Les Pauls was 2999 now 1999 are in fact entierely false. Its true the 2999 is Gibsons normal RRP but nowhere I know actually ever sells at the RRP usualy its 1K or more less. So in fact these "sales" are nothing of the kind
A sale is when you knock down the price you would have charged! So if the RRP is 2999 and you sell at 1999 then a sale price of 999 is indeed a bargain of 1000 off.

It seems to me to be quite a cynical and indeed very common sales trick, convince someone that they are saving big on something and they will feel the need to buy quick before the offer is revoked. Its only when you're a sad bugger like me who buys these things often that you realise that in fact no saving at all has been offered.

the moral...always check the price against what other stores/ebay are offering. if there's no great saving invovled dont' bother.

One thing I have discovered though, especialy here in the netherlands though it might be as relevent to music stores worldwide is that they will haggle. Stores like these need to keep a lare inventory f expensive items so shifting them quickly is of utmost importance so they can be quite open to a discussion about discount, especially if you through in a few other items.

Still I think its pretty low to bang on about great savings and 1 time only sales when in fact they're not really doing anything but conning people who may only ever buy 1 item from such a store.
Us regulars need to let the world know!!!


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