Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday off..nope...saturday

Friday is supposed to be Ribs night, that amzing diet food I discovered last week, but I have to pop to London tomorrow and expect to have a nice expensive dinner while I am there...and probably nando's and fish and chips...nom nom, so tomorrow will be my free day..

Weight loss is proceeding steady, around 3-400g a day so thats not bad, the high protien diet means I don't get too hungry, but when I do around 5 I really need o eat..I'm enjoying the spiced meats with small portions of rice a lot. So not too unhappy with the food.

I don't see much improvement in the mirror, moobs are a bit smaller, but Large T's are now fitting better than they were so its having an effect.

Most importantly, the main reason for diet, the reflux causing chest pains, have not materialised since I started it..I did have a bit of chilli related indigestion but a Rennie took care of that, not had to use a Zantac for 10 days now...a record.

So, it seems to be working, around 5Kg lost so far, in 12 days, so half way point reached and not too many slips on the way. The Protien content keeps me from feeling constantly starving and the occasional bowl of bran keeps things moving....

I do think I will stop when I hit the suggested 10kg though, as much as I like the food I'm making I do hate having my diet restricted.

and 2 or 3 weeks and we should hit it.....then maybe make some changes, perhaps have a day on day off kind of thing for a slower loss.


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