Thursday, 21 June 2012

88.8 - Marking sucks

broke 89 :D probably pop up again but still it feels good, and some of my "tight" tshirts don't feel quite so tight so the loss is finally starting to feel tangible.

Have been locked in the attic that last few days marking/grading projects,with the odd break for plinky plonk time, and answering student help requests and getting it all out of order...but hey ho.
There's some urgent grades I need to try to finish today, for 2nd year students who need it for their P, but then I can continue with my other grades.

I'm very happy to say that despite stress and enforced hair removal over the block my IGD students are on the whole producing some very nice projects.

Having spent most of the block expalaining how to set up a particle engine with emitters, their task was to come up with 4 unique particle types and impliment them into the engine...most have gone for really safe obvious things but at least they've done them, and a few have been quite clever and seems a lot of click moments occurred this block making me a happy man.

Got my yearly appraisal today, not sure its going to be a good one, my admin this year has been shocking, mainly due to workload, with so many students and all project work its been hard...I will have to take whatever comes with a smile...and try to plan better for next year during the holidays.

Mainly its becuase I do assignments for them all, and with over 140 students at one point this year that was a LOT of assignments to go through, I never managed to keep on top of it, and have not really come up with a solution to make my life easier...something to ponder over during the holidays.


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