Sunday, 24 June 2012

London.....And Denmark Street

London was busy as always, and the weather was on/off rain, hot, muggy, but it was a nice weekend, we'll have to see what comes of it.
Took the eurostar which was a surprisingly easy if little cramped due to being so busy. Took about 4 hours from Breda, with 2 transfers and slight waits, but nothing too stressful unlike planes...If I have to go to london again, I'll probably do that.

What was totally bizzare on the train back from Brussels though, I had a pervert sit across from me on the other side of the train, rubbing himself up and nodding invitingly in the direction of his groin whenever I glanced his know I'm cute and getting cuter with the diet but thats seriously fucked up..I was in two minds to go over and grab his nuts or just speak very very loudly and tell him to stop playing with himself...but of course I did neither, I just looked out my window with my ipod playing some nice sounds.

This trip, I finally got a chance to go down Denmark Street, the famous music capital in London, with 8 or 9 guitar shops open on a Sunday...It was soooo much smaller than I thought it was, but every shop was a music shop, most of them guitars, and it was guitar heaven for me.

I twiddled and teased and twanged and got to play a range of really nice expensive and cheap guitars. Including an awesome Taylor in a posh shop where they called me sir...:D It was nice but can't honestly say its better than my Breedlove. I tried out several things I'd never seen and overall my impression was that my collection still has every thing I want as far as electrics are concerned. I wanted to try a Jagstang out since I've never played a short scale, but none on offer.

I didn't entierely resist the temptations on offer, but I did resist the very serious urge to buy a very nice Fender Mustang I was given a good price on, its a short scale like the Jagstang so was a good test to see if I liked the shorter scale...I most certainly did...but I'll hold out for a Jagstang, which I will probably swap for something. I don't really have the spare cash for it, cos there are bills to be paid, but the credit card, now paid in fixed monthy amounts quivered for a bit in fear of being abused.

I did however buy a Guitar first I thought I got a good deal on it, getting 20quid knocked off and a few freebies chucked in, but once home a scan on ebay shows the same one 50 quid cheaper....ahhh... though most at the price I paid, oh well not to worry. I got to try before I bought and slightly high action aside, it has a very nice interesting sound I want to use in a recording experiment. I was going to get a Uke for that sound but trying several out I realised they are not for me, so the guitar tuned 6 string banjo gives me a (similar but different) sound I want. Results will be posted in the holidays as its going to be one of my recording projects.


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