Saturday, 16 June 2012

89.0 Ribs are apparently....a diet food

I decided to take advice from a collegue and not starve myself all week, he said he lost a tonne of weight on a similar restrictive diet but made a point of eating normal 1 day a week...My day is Friday, I had Ribs...They were "amazing" as was the creamy gratin potatoes that came with them...and then I got the

But on the plus side todays clothes on weight was a big drop, a bit of extra cycling yesterday and the trots which clearly removed the weeks lack of movement...ahem...has had a good effect.

Off to play poker with my dutch friends tonight to celebrate Peters son passing his Havo, which basically means he's graduated high school...good lad.

Lets hope I don't lose...getting a bit fed up losing things just now :D


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