Thursday, 14 June 2012

90.2 oh and even more upsetting

well I had a bit of a splurge last night after work, I went and had a sushi feast...nearly all protein so not such a big sure it will drop again tomorrow...still under 90 in the buff

But that did lead to another shock...looking down at the scales I noticed my 1st ever Grey pube sharing that moment with Billy Connolly;

I'm now officially old.
well at least my 1st arrived in my late 40's. so I'm still ageing slowly.

edit...since I was cycling past the barbers on the way back from the bank to try to sort out my messed up cards, I went in for my semi annual haircut...I tend to leave it till I am blowing it away from my nose...we reached that point a few weeks ago... And yet another sign of old age came to be.

As the haircut came to an end, without any conversation due to his lack of English making the process even more boring than usual, but happly free of innane holiday banter. He asked, via his collegue who spoke english, if I wanted my eyebrows trimmed........I said yes.....they were getting bushy....thats also a 1st.. next time I fully expect the ear and nose hair to also need some barbers attention.

The offending pube has been plucked...didn't half make my eyes water...


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