Wednesday, 13 June 2012


90.0 dead...though as I say with clothes so there's a variable bit on...I checked au natural and yeah I've broke 90 A small step for Brian a giant leap for his digestive system.

There's a couple of pounds will hopefully come off today, since I've not been to the bloody loo for a 4 days....all this high protien/low carb does not do a lot for one's bowls it has to be said. But I cheated a bit last night and had toast and cream cheese so that'll give it some roughage to work on.

Hunger is reasonsable easy to control, just drink lots of water....and keep busy with student work.

Lets hope tomorrow I smash into the 80's with clothes and then aim for the 70's


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Anonymous said...

All Bran for breakfast and nibble raw veg during the day. Should sort you out.