Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Look at this....
Bina and I went into Breda today to have a look around the historic Breda Castle, which is now a Military Academy. Today was an open day and we had never been before so off we popped.

Surrounding the castle is a kind of moat, and it contains some frankly massive carp. But we spotted a small family of Grebes today, and Bina with her fancy new camera took a couple of quite brilliant pics.

These are awesome pics, especially the one with papa Grebe feeding one of the chicks on mums back. Quite excellent, its a shame the water was so mucky, but still.

As you can see I am up late again, the nerve twinges in my face had me up late last night, and sleeping in very late today so my sleep pattern is ruined, but not a problem as I am not planning to do much tomorrow :D (one joy of being on sick leave)

I've been tinkering with the new PC, setting things up and trying to get things organised....its not right yet....still feels odd.


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