Tuesday, 18 May 2010


The sun has finally come out over Breda, its warm and summer like

At bloody last.

PC build is not going well, I either have a board that is faulty or a board that cant run windows 7....neither option is good. I have a few copies of Windows XP I can try out to see if it will load them, I did try to use a dell restore disk previously which failed but that could have been due to it being for a dell...so I'll try installing another version and see if a cleaner XP goes on, then see if I can do an update rather than a fresh install.

RAID still isn't going to happen though till I get hold of a floppy drive, one is on order though and should be here soon. I have also ordered a new bios chip for the abit board as a saftey measure. Want to try to avoid buying a new board if I can.


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