Sunday, 30 May 2010

Surgeons took my mojo!!

Played poker last night with my dutch friends, had a really good night out on the rainy terrace with the cover going up and down like a tarts drawers between showers.

But what the hell....I Lost!!....Didn't even get the number of let the cancer boy win pity rounds I was expecting....the surgeons clearly removed my poker mojo as well as my jaw.

No excuses though, I didn't do much wrong even though I laid down some winning hands due to implausable pre-flop betting.I laid down at least 5 straights, winning straights at that, but its never a good plan to hold out for a straight when thats all the pocket cards can give you. Hindsight is always right, but not valid in poker.

The whole evening I think I won 4 or 5 hands, 2 good big wins that pulled me back in, but not enough to take home any cash.

I lost heavily on 2 big hands where I had 3 jacks, one where I had pocket jacks and made a full house with queens on the deck and the extra jack, only to lose to a queen/jack combo making qeens over jacks full house...what are the odds!!! Then 3 jacks again later...2 on deck, losing to the same player with a jack and king kicker, I only had a 6 kicker...arrghhhh jacks were definitly not lucky for me.

Much booze was drunk, and it was a good night out, my 1st poker game since..the thing....and well worth the lost 35euros :D

next time


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