Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Fuck You Cancer

After much hassle we finally managed to pick out most of the photos on Bina's camera. I had intended to be giving the finger in each of them to tell Cancer what I thought of it....but sometimes I forgot.
Order is a bit jumbled due to bloggers strange upload system but not to worry.

Thursdayy after my op, my 1st go at sitting up....phew that was an effort. Happy to say the clear and obvious tummy there, has gone down quite a bit since the op, I've lost 4 kilos so far...they are not mad keen on me losing weight, but I might as well take this chance to shed a few kilos while I don't feel the need to shove burgers, cake and doughnuts into my currently very narrow cakehole. Given its going to be a few weeks before I'm at full chewing capacity I'll see if I can lose 10Kilos. don't worry though am eating a lot of protein to hep the healing, sashimi, etc. Just not much in the way of cake and curry.

Bina getting a good view of my scar, checkout the nice drains in my neck...ugg...

Wednesday the day after, before swelling really kicked in, they had ice packs wrapped round me for the 1st day but as the swelling got worse there was no way to place them at the right spot and they ended up hurting more than helping so I binned them

One of the risks with this surgery is losing the ability to pucker here's Bina and me testing our puckers before the op...since the op my pucker has been missing but it should come back in a week or 2.

oh dear...still you can't blame her, I do have a nice ass. Especially in see through string paper pants and poppit gown...roawrr.

Starting to feel much better now most pipes and tubes removed just that one drain, which does not look like much but went about 5 inches into my throat...owww!! Removing it was the oddest sensation ever, not painful so much because of the numbness but it felt like a huge gush of saliva coursed though the bottom of my tongue....oh and then it hurt.

I was dozy from time to time, for obvious reasons, and Bina caught me as I was just resting my eyes for an hour :D

Last 2 are just me me feeling good after resting my eyes :D



Anonymous said...


If there's anybody who's gonna get this fat bastard, it's gonna be ME! SO FUCK YOU!

Get well soon you.

A friend from the past...

Boring old Fart said...

a name would have been nice....juss so I know who to watch for over my shoulder ;)

Anonymous said...

hi its steph.
i agree with the fuck u cancer but i didnt like the pics.
love from me and mum.
x x x x

Boring old Fart said...

what not even the ones of my cute ass :D

the pics are a bit hard to look at but its important for people to know what they face when they get an oral cancer diagnosis. I was terrified when I 1st heard and eventually found someone with personal experience who gave me a lot of good advice. In the end my surgery was not as bad as 1st feared but I still spent 5 hours in surgery which takes a lot out of you and you need to accept that it is going to take a while to recover. The 1st few days were the worst, the rest have not been too bad at all. I'll be back to normal in a few more weeks pissing everyone off as usual :D

Anonymous said...

Get well my brother..we love you....GET well. Fuck you cancer ..One love from Toronto Canada..the land of the brave