Sunday, 9 May 2010

We can rebuild it

Not my jaw, that just needs time to heal. No my big beastie of a PC, is still dead unfortunalty. I probably can get it working again, just change the PSU or whatever is not working but I've decided to rebuild it, its been slowing down with too much crap on the drives.

The case took quite a bashing when it was shipped over here, so I think its time to change that. I also plan to use a better mobo and get full use of my quad core CPU which has never operated at full speed in the Asrock board I have it on (2.24 instead of 2.4). The current board was a compromise from the days I used to use triple monitors, and needed twin video cards. Back then you could only do that with AGP and PCIE cards in tandem, which my Asrock board allowed, but now I use a big mother of a 2560x1960 screen I don't need to use an old AGP. So time to use the high end PCIe card and Abit mobo I've had in reserve.

Also I plan to make use of my twin SSD 32MB drives as boot disks in a RAID, this should finally sort out the disk speed issues that have been driving me nuts, keeping windows on that and data on a new 1TB drive will give it an overall performace boost.

What remains of my current Beastie can go into a case I have downstairs using a Pentium D I have spare and make it into a backup PC with the old drives and software in place, so I won't lose anything. The Monitor takes multiple inputs so I could run both PC's in tandem (and map the drives) till I am happy....I HATE changing PC's you really do get used to having all your progs and software in place, an dit takes months to get a new PC just right they way you had the old one.

The new Beast will have Windows 7 installed and be a fresh start. Not the most powerful thing on the planet, I'd need to invest in some i7 Tech to do that, which is quite pricey. Normally I do buy the best I can afford when I build a new PC, but I want to buy an Ipad as soon as I can, so I'll just do an upgrade build for now.

A Cooler master Case with a few toys and a 1Tb Drive are on order from ebay, so as soon as they arrive I'll start the build.

Pics later perhaps..though it won't be as interesting as my ass in paper panties.


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