Saturday, 29 May 2010


As regular readers may know (hi mum) I like guitars, I'm not a very good player at all but I do like having plinky plonky time with them. I have serveral now, most of them quite good, a few stunners, but the one I play most is a Fender Telecaster copy I got from Germany for about 50quid.

The reason is simple, for just having a bit of a bash around I like to grab a guitar and do plinky plonk, and not worry too much about getting it out of its case, playing it, cleaning it and putting it back. So the Tele is my knock about, it does not need much love and attention.

But its really not very good, cheap yes, good no, it has some severe intonation and tuning issues...So I decided in March to get something else, again cheap, intending it to be a knock about, a little bit more expensive but not a full on quality guitar.

I saw something in ebay I liked, a copy of a PRS (drool), from a seller in China. Right away some of you are thinking alarm bells, but no, to be fair I have bought a lot of stuff, mostly computer elecronics from China with no issue. But this was a $220 purchase of a guitar. Quite a lot of people buy these cheap chinese copies and they are often damn good guitars.

Well of course it never arrived, and there followed several email exchanges with supposed tracking details which claimed it was in the Netherlands. Then of course I had the cancer thing and this became less important. But still, I was constantly assured it was "on the way", "on the way", "give me a few days to check the post office", "they say its coming", "volcano delays" and other seemingly plausable reasons but time was ticking away.

I started chasing again when I got out of hospital, was promised a refund if not there by end of week, it wasn't, no refund etc etc....

Anyway the long and short of it is this, something I kinda knew but had forgotton was that there is a time limit of 45 days to open a dispute with ebay/paypal, and also 60 days to leave feedback....needless to say, these times passed, and I was stupid enough not to take notice. Now that the 60 days are passed, I don't even get a response from the seller...who it would seem is a con artist..

dammit...its rare I have trouble with ebay, but this is a clever little scam, they should deal with it...of course, emails to ebay or paypal....unanswered.


cash -$220

ah well....Still got the tele, more important issues to deal with. I'll try a few stroppy emails but its not worth the hassle. I'll hit the music stores and see if I can find something under 100quid that playes reasonable.


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