Friday, 21 May 2010

Round 3 Technical knockout!

1/ 23 Lymph nodes removed from my neck...not 1 showed signs of cancer :)
2/ Jaw bone had minor signs of erosion due to the tumour but zero evidence of invasion into the bone :)
3/ Resection area showed a clean margin of error in all but 1 area in which was 1mm under tolerance :/ ?

Points 1 and 2 are excellent results, no sign of metastasis and no danger to the bone, so no need for radio therapy or other follow ups.

Point 3 sounds worrying, but it just means that at one point, they didn't get as much clearance around the tumour as they thought they did and they do like to have a good margin of error. So there is a very slim chance of re-growth in that area. But its not a problem, they will monitor it and at 1st sign of re-occurrence a small local anaesthetic procedure to slice it out is all that will be needed.

Doc does not seem to be worried about that at all!

So...Cancer,fuck you, I win!!!


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