Saturday, 22 May 2010

All Electronics are evil

Since getting out of hossie, all electronic devices have decided to piss me off, nothing works. From my PC which decided to blow itself up to the DVD player last night, nothing works. Arrgggg

I bought a new bios chip for my AW9D board...nope, refused to POST, so I ripped it out put the old one back and it burned out before my eyes....arrghhh. So that was the end of that. I went an bought a brand new Asus board...spend 2 hours getting it in and attached, and it would not POST......hmmmmmmmm then it would POST...ohh, but then it wouldn't. very strange behaviour, though after an hour or so of this will it won't it. it started to POST regularly.

It may be that the thing needed a bit of a charge, some of these boards have rechargable cirtuitry in them, but thats probably wrong (they have batteries) So I now have a PC fully assembled with almost all new parts that won't boot an install DVD.

The only thing left I can think of is the CPU is damaged, not impossible..I'm going to do a swap to the PentiumD to see if it will work with that in place, if so, it means pretty much all my PC was killed in the burn out.

Bahh...I hate doing CPU transplants, especially with fancy coolers in, it takes ages...but only way to be sure is to do it and see. I need my beast back to do some PSP, and DS work so I better get on with it, as I want to start getting back into the work routine I've been missing for the last 6 weeks.

If this fails though I'm just going to go out and buy a ready made PC, I can't keep doing this crap all the time.

Ok CPU transplant is done, and it does appear to be more stable, I can install XP, though somehow my windows 7 DVD has got damaged...(had to be something eh!) Anyway, I can get a new DVD since I have a key, and will continue with a simple install of my SSD's and so on with XP. Progress at last, not quite the progress I mapped out but better than nothing. Once its all up and running I'll put my Quad core in again and see if it can stay stable. Otherwise bugger it, I'll leave the PentiumD in there till I can afford to buy a new I7 system,


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