Friday, 14 May 2010

Droopy smile, hairy, grey, but still cute :)

While the beast is dead I've been using my work laptop, an Aspire 7738G...which is a top of the range laptop...and I hate has the slowest drives ever and because its a work machine its got McAfee and Novell on there stealling all drive and CPU bandwidth. It actually takes about 17mins to finish booting..arghhh

but I remembered today I have a webcam on here it is folks...a close up of yours truly trying to force a smile..which is still a bit droopy.

2.5 weeks beard growth, the scar and under my chin where it is swollen is still very tender and I have no real desire to scrape a razor over them just now, so the beard can stay till at least the scar is fully closed and healed.
I think this is the longest I've ever gone without a far itchy face syndrone is mild compared to facial nerve rewiring twinges so I might actually succeed in growing a lush full beard this time :) The glare from the window manags to hide most of the grey bits in my beard ....didn't realise I had so many ..sob..getting old.

My right side bottom lip is still dead hence the droopy smile at this point...doc says it will come back when the swelling goes down....hope so..I hate dribbling my drinks and drinking a pint through a straw does not go down well at the Irish pub.



Kathleen said...

Well you look great, the swelling is normal and not too bad with the beard. My normal smile is more droopy than your normally! So you look good!

Anonymous said...

The beard is quite handsome and filling in very nicely!!

Boring old Fart said...

Sadly no more, radiation means no more beard ever now, so that was the first and last time I ever grew a full beard.