Wednesday, 12 May 2010

On Life Support

New PC build is proving to be a bit of a chore. Lack of a Floppy disc means I can't install RAID drivers on my twin SSD's so to test it out I tried setting it up as a single SSD system and had a go at installing windows. both XP and 7...sadly that only got as far as the copy across. When it tried to boot up to complete the install it hung...not sure why.

I'll hang fire till I get the 1TB drive and give it another go...but not sure this build is going to go to plan. Mihgt need to invest in a new MB after all.

I've never had a build fail before, but then again this is my 1st time using SSD's so lets see what the 1TB drive does and see if we can rebuild it with minimal componants in place.


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