Thursday, 13 May 2010

arrghhh burned to death

bugger bugger

I spent the whole day salvaging bits from the cellar to rebuild the beast..Finally after quite a bit of effort, shifting boxes out of the cellar to make way into the back, I found the spare motherboard and after even more effort put all the various boxes back in the cellar.

Then spent most of the day (after a sit down, that box shifting was bloody tiring) working out how I was going to rebuild the Beast....finally after setting up the main bits, I removed the beasts drives from the old thermaltake case and......shit...they had burned out as well, the connectors on the main boot drive had burned away and the other drive also showed signs of flame damage...and sure enough when I tested it out...dead.

So the soul of the beast, contained in the pair of samsung SATA drives has gone...the Beast is dead.

Dammit. I am pissed at that...fortunatly I have backups of docs and other things but I won't get everything back that I have lost.

ah well....there's more important things in life

edit....omg even the power supply had died....hmm looks to me more like a power spike, took out the psu, MB and drives amazing....managed to save cpu, ram and thats about it!!!



Anonymous said...

Wow, bad luck.
If you can find an identical HDD with the same board version, you could try a circuit board transplant.
Or even a a platter swap if you know someone with a laboratory cleanroom.
No idea if either of these would help tho'.

Boring old Fart said...

Nah....its gone...time to move on. I'll keep my eyes open for identical drives, they are pretty cheap now, and I've done a board/circuit swap before, but I'm not going to stress. I had all important documents backedup its just apps and tools that I'll need to spend days replacing and never get then the way I like them....PC's end up being very personal don't they.

Must look forward, the new beast will be online soon and I have 1TB to fill so that should be fun.