Monday, 31 May 2010

Funny old month

31 days in May, and this is my 32nd and final post for the month smashing the previous monthly record.. Clearly there's been lots to blog about, not just the cancer, though of course it tends to dominate things.

Tomorrow I have to take a trip to Utrecht to have a consult with a radiotherapist which will mark the start of that phase of treatment and I'll comment on that in my new blog (I like that lets you have multiple blogs).

But it would be wrong not to sign off on this month and ponder some of the events, emotions and hiccups of May 2010.

So where do I a month, Could certainly have been worse I suppose, but in my 46.5 years on earth it has to rank up there as being the worst by far...Its kinda scary to think that it is possible that I could have worse yet to come but 1 always have thing in my favour...
I really like living, I really love living, and I love the life I have here with Bina and Jodie and knowing Danni and my family are happy and safe in the UK, I love mixing with all my colleagues and friends and students. All this is just part of the process of enjoying life and I won't let a bit of bad shit get in the way of that.

If things do get bad, it wont change the way I feel about my life or those in it, so anything crappy just needs to be dealt with and moved on. I don't want to go forward dreading tomorrow, I'm not going to....I can philosophise at length about life being worth living and enjoying it a day at a time and not being afraid,, but I'm not going to, tomorrow is just another day, with all the great stuff in it that makes today worth living and with a few extra surprises.

Of course the main great thing is that I have Bina in my life, even though she does drive me mad with her crazy clean up frenzies, and her obsessive holiday hunting, constant planning of everything, putting too much salt in everything and a whole range of other crazy shit...the crazy shit that makes her the amazing person she is to put up with me.......

gotta something in my eye.


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