Monday, 17 May 2010

why is it always Cancer?

One of my teen..erm 20's hero's died today, Ronnie James Dio. An amazing if completly nuts rock singer. I loved his work with Rainbow, lots of elves, wizards and other strange fantasy stuff with lots of big high notes..But his contribution to Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell is legendery...amazing album I still listen to it and it must be what, 20 years old now?

Died age 67 from stomach cancer, sad....Cancer!!! Why does everone die of cancer? Seems that since I was diagnosed everyone seems to be dying of least I'm not...not yet, I plan to die of severe liver damage as a result of the abuse of large quantities of alcohol..preferably vodaka, though scotch will do. Just so long as I'm asleep at the time I don't really care what gets me, we all die eventually.

I guess I'm just more aware of the word cancer than I used to be, I've joined a club that does not have the best of reputations, the cancer club....I'm still waiting to here if I've joined the ex cancer club, if indeed such a thing exists.

In my mind, I've dodged a bullet, yes it hurt and I might have more issues later but I dodged it, but why do I keep hearing about people dying of cancer. Most of the people I know who've survived cancer, get all evangelical about it, fight cancer, fight ignorance, fight fight fight....I don't think I can do that. I've done the fighting, I want to enjoy the living.

I have an amazing life, an amazing family, I want to see my g/f smile every day and I want to see my daughters become amazing women, these are amazing things that make my life worth living, I'd rather not spend whatever time I have fighting something I can't beat, no matter how much I want to. I just want to enjoy life. Doesn't matter if I have 2months or 200 years left, I dodged a bullet and I need to enjoy what I have now, becuase there's going to be more bullets ahead and one of them will hit eventually.

Life is for living....but I'll make that donation to cancer research a bit more regular.



Colin McNulty said...

I completely agree Brian. I had a C scare a few years back, which turned out not to be. And with my kid getting it too, it makes you more aware of hearing other cancer stories. Yes many people seem to revel in the "Cancer Survivor" title, but life's too short for that.

Besides, the way I see it, cancer is just evolution at work. It's something changing from the norm to see if growing an extra head say, is a good idea or not. Welcome to nature!

E-Dog said...

Yea I'm aware of cancer all the time now.