Monday, 10 May 2010

She had a good life...sob

No, not mum, she's had a miserable life, but at least she's heading home now to be reunited with her mad dog...was nice to have her over here and be around when Bina was away. I would have loved to have taken her out and about more and shown her more of Holland but circumstances prevented that. At least she got to see our new house and take away lots of pics of me with and without beards :D

No, I meant my PC had a good life, but she is in fact officially dead and unfixable as it stands.
I have begun the rebuild of my PC, and in the process stripped down the big beastie to discover what was really the cause of its death..It went on fire, literally scorching the case. It seems it burned out some of its southbridge later. So it is indeed dead and gone and never more to return...shame.
Quite lucky she never went up in flames when no one was around really as there was clearly quite a bit of heat to cause the scorch marks on the case.

I have a spare board of the same type downstairs that I bought as a back up some time ago so I can rebuild her in the new case but it won't be the same...she was a good PC...served me well.

sob..I'll miss her.

Anyway have taken the CPU (which I hope is ok but will test soon) and Zalman cooler out and fitting it to my Abit board in preperation for the new case. I will have a hunt in the cellar and see if I can find the spare Asrock and try it out with the 3.6 PentiumD. If be it.

The Thermaltake case is a bit too battered and its inbuilt cd rom cable crumbled when I removed it so I think I'll just strip the goodies out and use them in the new case. It was a cracking case to be sure, but that cross channel crossing via the worlds most useless courier was probably too much for it but I'll have a go at bending things back into shape and seeing if it can be salvaged, I want to keep this rebuild on a tight budget so I can afford an Ipad next month and I have more than enough bits an pieces to make use of this puppy if it can be fixed.


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