Tuesday, 11 May 2010

rogue staples

Turned out I had a stray staple still in my neck, looks like a bit of over overlapped swollen tissue obscured it, so during todays check up he dug it out...ouch.

What was even more surprising, and I wish I'd had the presence of mind to snap a pic on my phone was how many small staples are actually still inside my face which can be seen on the Xray.

Dr Van Gemart wanted to show me an x-ray of my face to see how the jaw looks now, and after a bit of a false start due to tech issues, I had a panoramic xray taken to show a nice rectangular piece of space where the jaw used to be, but more amusing was the half dozen or so tiny staples that are still in my face clamping various blood vessels during surgery. Don't think theres enough metal in there to set of the airport alarms, but I can't help wondering what it'll do if I ever need another MRI.

The main purpose of todays checkup though was to get my pathology results....sadly due to a couple of holidays that have occured between surgery and now, they have not arrived, so I have to wait a bit longer. Dr Van Gemart has promised to call me though to let me know the results.

Everything else is healing well, though he wants me in next week to remove a couple of stiches inside my mouth that are restricting movement,they will dissolve in a few more weeks but he wants to free things up. Feeling in my lips and lip control should come back as the overall swelling goes down, but at the moment it still a bit too swollen to expect much...a few more weeks. Actually does not look too bad at the moment, the beard is now at 2 weeks and starting to hide everything....not sure if I will manage to get past the itchy face stage :D But the thought of shaving around the scar is not pleasent, so I'll see how itchy it gets :D


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